Launched in 2008, Caroline Abram eyewear are known for their fresh fun colourful frames. Raised in Dakar, Senegal, Caroline fell in love with the people and their culture. Her inspiration comes from her diverse origin (Caribbean, Indian, French and Polish).

The common thread evident in every Caroline Abram frame designed today is what she refers to as 'the lift' which she uses to create '
happy lines'.

"We love to lift everything - so if it's a square shaped frame, it's a square with a little lift, or if it's round, it's a round frame with a little lift - I'm always looking to create happy lines that distract you away from the lines on the face a woman doesn't want noticed - like the line underneath the nose or the eyebrows that go down - the frame can really help to give the face a lift."

The Caroline Abram collection has a large variety of stunning colours and shapes that will lift your spirits. Drop into
Eyeballs Eyewear and let us help you find the pair that fits your personality.

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