1. Will wearing Glasses weaken or damage my eyes?

No, if spectacles are prescribed and worn correctly they will not weaken your eyes. The most common is the Compensating lens prescription which is to eliminate blurry vision. If this is worn correctly, i.e. as recommended by your optometrist, then it will not weaken your eyes.
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2. Where do the stories of Glasses weakening eyes come from?

This common misconception typically comes from people purchasing off the shelf readymade glasses which are basically magnifiers. The magnification effect often leads to adaptation which then has the person wanting ‘more', i.e. a higher magnification. The other concern is people wearing their spectacles incorrectly, i.e. if prescribed a reading or computer prescription and then you ‘forget' and walk around with the spectacles on, it is likely that your eyes may become accustomed to this style of focusing, and require you to be prescribed a stronger lens power prematurely.
3. How often should I have my eyes examined?

For maintaining clear healthy vision, it is recommended that an eye examination be undertaken every two years.

Your optometrist may however recommend more regular examinations depending on the health of your eyes or visual needs. Contact lens wearers require an aftercare visit every twelve months.
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4. I have tried Multifocals before and they didn't work. Why would Multifocals made by Eyeballs Eyewear be easier for me to use?

There are many type of Multifocal lenses. The older designs were typically more difficult to adjust to, having large amounts of peripheral distortion so if you looked to the side they made things blurry; or you may have become dizzy and disoriented.

Modern multifocal lens designs can have far larger areas of distance, intermediate and near vision, with minimal peripheral distortion. The older designs are still manufactured and typically used by optical retailers that claim to have cheap or free glasses, usually the ones that say your health fund rebate is enough and you won't have any 'out of pocket expense'.

As is always the case, you get what you pay for. At Eyeballs Eyewear we guarantee to always give the latest designs that will allow you the maximum amount of vision, with seamless transition between distance, intermediate and near vision. As soon as new designs are released, we analyse their suitability for our customers and offer them immediately, so you never have to worry about having the latest and best lenses for your eyes.

5. Can I use my Private Health fund at Eyeballs Eyewear?

Eyeballs Eyewear is an accredited and approved Health Fund supplier, and provide instant HICAPS claiming. We can electronically process your claim in the practice at the touch of a button to make it even easier for you to get the maximum value from your Health Fund membership.

Most Health funds are covered by HICAPS and this means you will only have to pay the gap amount for spectacles and contact lenses, and will no longer have to waste time in long queues at your Health fund office. So remember to bring your Health Fund card to Eyeballs Eyewear for easy, on the spot claiming of Health fund benefits. Some of the Health Funds we cover include:
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6. How do I make an appointment with the Optometrist at Eyeballs?

Easy! Just give the friendly team at Eyeballs a call on (02) 9331 4650 and we'll book in a time that's convenient for you. We have appointments available from Monday to Sunday.